Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sunday vibes

Dear Alessandra,
Do good to those who wrong you. It's painful, but eventually it pays off.

Disney's humor

after watching Shrek for probably the one millionth time, I just discovered that lord farquaad came from fuck wart. I gues they ran out of inspirations after months of serious animations.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The wisdom tooth

In life, you encounter people who put you down. Don't pray that they disappear. That's a waste of prayer to God. Pray for strength to face them. This way, you will manage to face even bigger problems in life, because there's someone facing bigger challenges than you. Say a disabled guy. Maybe all he wants are legs. Or arms. Or the disabled parents of the child. All they want is a normal child. So imagine wasting a prayer on wishing that your problems didn't exist. Pray for strength!!!!!

Matthew 7:7
Ask and you will receive. Search and you will find. Knock and the doors will be opened to you.

My story:
I feel that I have faced so many challenges in life (but don't we all) but the one thing I kept asking God is why. I wasted so much pain,  anger and prayer asking God repeatedly why I was being put under all the drama. It affected me a lot because it reached a point where I had no idea on how to deal with anything good coming my way. All I kept thinking to myself was, how long would this good go on till something horrible happened again. By horrible things, I mean petty things mostly. I kept choosing the dark path in life where I was cursing at everything good in my life because it kept reminding me that there was good things out there. I honestly just didn't understand at some point why I was having good things in my life. Infact, good things made me feel suicidal because all I had learnt was to deal with the bad. So I had no idea how to appreciate anything. All I could look at was what it took me to get the good things. In fact I felt like it was God's way of mocking me.
I asked for advice from all the people involved in my life and they kept doing it undercover to actually show that I was the problem. I hated them. I just didn't understand how they(friends and family) were pointing out that I was the problem. I mean, I was involved in most of these people's lives pouring out my positivity and here they were just telling me to move on with my life, that my problems were nothing serious. I felt like they were traitors, so I started to eliminate them out of my life one by one till I was the only one left in my life. It hit me. I had no one to be angry with. No one to blame. Was I my own problem?
          I laid down one night and cried out to God and asked Him that if I was the problem, that I should see the light. I asked Him to just give me a little light in my heart. Just a small candle up in there to help me get through life. Even a weak candle light. Just any light. And I got it. I got it.