keeping up with little miss diva!!!!

well ofcourse i had to, am a mom, i love fashion among many things and so does my little cutie pie. i love her so much words will really never be able to express, my shinning star, te amo.

P.S i hope i get to dance with you on your seventeeth birthday, i promised myself that on this day we'll take a trip to Greece and dance to 'DANCING QUEEN' by ABBA, if God lets me live that long, i really hope he does.  sweetest thing in my life.

at this age my boo boo loves pink like crazy!!!!!!  she also picks out her outfits and wont wear anything else, am not joking on that one! if i choose to have a pedicure she must have one too, manicure as well. hair too. such a little princess!!!!!!! oh did i mention she picks out her own cloths when we go to buy her hers? oh gosh sometimes its impossible to deal with her cos she'll cry for a tutu despite having seven already! well here's the boo boo:

in her little skinny jeans, white blouse and converse ONS!  <3

vest by hello kitty, grey leggings, my green bag, my chain and the sweetest smile in the world.
#baby street style

fake smile(like enuff already!!!!!!!!)

blowing a kiss xoxo

pics taken on 19/5/2013, sunday...xoxo

smile, cos the world is urs <3

little mama africa, feeding you sweets is a serious pain but you too cute thou.

peek a..... boo!!

brushing her teeth before bedtime, take a pose lil diva!

bedtime cutie, with that face, your world remains beautiful.

Its first of June, just 10 days to my babygirl's birthday!!!! am super excited as I have plans to be in Paris by then and to be more exact, in disney land. I have been bullying my husband about it, I hope it comes true. I know little Ale would appreciate it oh so very much. Here's some pictures I took yesterday of her. She is very obsessed with barbie by the way. watching "barbie: life in the dreamhouse." has brought about lots of fights. She has managed to pick up a bitchy attitude from it.