lets get leggy!!!!!!!!!  a few shots i took yesterday, wearing these babies!!!!!(please ignore my face,my mind was far away, so very far away)

a friend bought me, i couldn't say no to them
putting on them shoes
yeah am baaaad!!!! not, hahhhaa
ready, lets go!!!!
it was actually rainning at the time, and when i was young, my grandma told me that everytime the rain pours and theres sun at the same time, theres a baby hyena being born
if its true, theres a million which were born yesterday!!!!
my original plan was to go bungee jumping, but with the rains, plans got cancelled, post phoned to this saturday coming.
#tracks all de way!!!! millitary green tracks with my black sweater, waist bag from kung'ara kenya, skinny yellow necklace too, really cute accessories from there, best of all, KENYAN MADE!!!!!   and sandals by susan owino.
my little boo boo in her purple sleeved dress, grey leggings and the cutest tiniest all stars!!!!!
 the sandals, very comfy, very perfect for the beach but i cant stop wearing them everywhere.
changed into my favorite leggings later on as my boo boo had some chocolate and my trouser was artfully decorated!!!! #being a mom!!!