Sunday, 22 May 2016

A 15 yr old bisexual

Dear Alessandra,
Today a 15 year old came for advice about being bisexual. I thought it was going well, till she told me about how she was cutting herself. I got worried. After asking through about her life, I found out she suffered horribly after the family's divorce.  She spends time with her mom and the weekends are reserved for dad. Well after much conversation, we decided that all that affection to her girl crush  should be diverted to the parents. I told her how it would be beautiful to surprise her mom. Breakfasts and dinners, home cooked by her darling daughter would be a great start to the healing process. We didn't get to talk about how she should bond with her dad as it's hard to keep a 15 yr old focused for more than 10 minutes, but she was doing pretty well considering they were doing a lot of outdoor activity. Hiking, mountain climbing and so forth. I managed almost an hour with this girl! I still got it!!!

Note: we are forgetting to be good parents. Teenagers should not be on websites trying to get help! It doesn't matter how busy your schedule is, or how shitty your day is going, it's important to give your daughter or son a call. Presents are good, but good quality time dedicated all to them is the best present a parent can give her child.  Even once per week is good enough. Kids are cutting themselves to deal with pain. It's not a fair world! As much as you're working, remember your reason for existing!remember the force that drives you in life! Your kids!