yummy bits!!!!!

i thank God i don't know how to make a tee like this because if i knew, all my tees would be like this! i love this very much!!!! looks like u have to be careful though when you bend down as your boob might just pop out...hahahahaha seriously! anyway i think with a good lacey sexy cute bra u wont even have to care if things are out!
speaking of bras, hows this cutie? too cute!!!!! i want!! i want!!!! am sucha huge fan of bras, i never even give away any,no matter how tiny they are on me,i just let the pile grow!!!!
the miss push up...i remember seeing this(bra) on beyonce's irreplaceable vid,
yup, there it is!!! i own one of those bras, bought mine from woolworths, no longer fits, i must have grown out of it but heeeeyyy to the left if u think its time to let it go! its probably the sexiest item i owned!
hey sexy lady! this is my kind of bra, soft on your skin without exaggerating the bossoms...too bad it does quite poorly when lets say it gets chilly, but its a girls best friend during the hot weather! with un matching underwear say like a grey thong/panties on this one, =perfection!!!!
now this looks more DIY, i think its mission impossible, il try very soon, not too sure which tee il have to drill as i love my tees dearly!!!!!!! but its got to be done!!!!!! the shorts, oh man, to die for!!!!!!#forever animal print lover!!!!
how cute are this with your black jeans/shorts/mini skirt/maxi dress/maxi skirt....#laid back style!
 love love love!!!!!!
miss bossy!!! love!
miss bikini::: they say wear a tiny bikini to look smaller, i say wear this to look sexier!!!!
tie and die shorts on chocolate skin, very low waist,beach time!!!!!yay!!!!
to wear with a flowy skirt, the kind that will give you that marilyn monroe moment...
Cute Cartoon Jumpsuits Baby Romper
animal print