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sometimes we get up and have no clue on what to wear so this page is dedicated entirely to you. am doing my best to have an open mind on everything but so far i love these little pieces myself...all created by polyvore peeples!!!!!!!!! so thank you for letting me use them, and thank you for having great fashion sense!!!!!!!!! still working on putting more, however il be posting them below so you have to scroll down to see whats new, whats sassy, where to wear it....n blaaaahhh blahh blaaahh

Whereever you go - go with all your heart
there's something about that dress!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, looks like one of  those vintage cuties which just dont wanna die,but in a good way. honestly even the shoes a lil bit. the whole set is super cute, i honestly wouldnt mind wearing that! 
Yes I am beautiful
now this is more ummm grown up? sophisticated? okay, a mixture of both but its cute as well. i love the simplicity of it all, looks like something you want to just slip into and get about in your day knowing darn well that someone will be looking as its something super polished! i would love wearing that in italy, grabbing a pizza and sitting by some exotic scenery where i would stand out! or an ice cream, at the park where I'd be all lady like.
these two sets were created by christiana40
from Germany.
click on the images from my HOME tab to get directed to her fabulous sets!!!

Banggood contest show

the kinda sets that just wanna make me speak french, all that je t'aime
in that very sexy voul avec moi strong french accent. if i spent a day in Paris would definitely have that on! created by TEOECAR from Macedonia. more of her sets include:   

Beauty queen
this little outfit, i would never mind wearing, its like bohemian and gypsy collaborated together on this one, I     LOVE     IT!!!!! looks like something you would wear for a concert like Tomorrow Land!!!!! 
this is so Rihanna like, i so love! this is real nice if your going to dance your heart out, hhhhmmm, i really love that! il post a pic of wearing somethn similar next week, i do have the shorts, i just need shoes like those and a vest like that and that college/highschool jocks jacket n am set!

speaking of Rihanna, lets get to Karrueche Tran!!!!! i have finally found someone who thinks like her in style! take a look,

Tr!ll it
i looooooooooooooooove!!!!! the maker of this is A FAMOUS TRAGEDY!!! click on the pics in my home tab to check out her set collections, too cool, exactly what i feel like wearing everyday till i tire! 

don't you just looooove?

Look for Less: Kerry Washington
by mzmahoganychic
seriously good!!!!!!!!!   its so girly and cute, loooooooove!

Nordstrom Fashion
love is simply the word!!!! so glad i dont have to create sets when pieces like these show up, seriously makes life goooooood for me :)

YES! Up for a Challenge: Style Your Favorite Maxi Dress
its called getting maxified!!!!!!!! i think it would be even better if these maxis had slits on each side, like up to the thigh, right?

I wont these little things slip out of my mouth
#weekend project, finding me some boyfriend jeans. if you love fashion i think you must own one of these, you should.
Autumn Time
#boho, this is superb for like a getaway to somewhere, anywhere you can look back and have a smile or a good laugh!