below are a collection of shoes am really dying to get my feet into, so its basically my shoe wish list::: they change overtime, so be sure to scroll down to see da latest one, if you love my fashion sense you might just as be interested in my shoe sense...rigghhhhhhttttt???? :)


this lady, #too sexy for life!!!!!!

#cassie, looking super cute n comfy in her tracksuits n them kicks

legs i wish i had, too cute! but the shoes seriously i need...

the ultimate must haves, please dear God, i want!

another pair of shoes, i want:::

one word:!!!!   seriously, can the shoes get sweeter than this?????????!!!!!!

if only wishes were horses,

I'd have that just!

      these babies are by chanel, i think am done   *collapses*

some days a girl needs these beauties...
to be a lady.......
jessica simpson collection, chica knows her sht..
i want me any of these, just any!
atleast just a pair, right?